How do you shut someone up snoring next to you wirhout waking them up and making them an angry bear?!



    I always put my hand on my Mrs arm and rock her gently and pretend to be asleep


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    That would be no easy feat. I tried bouncing around but that didn't work. What else?!

    get up and play on the pc

    i kick my hubby then pretend to be asleep so he doesn't know why he woke up and i blame the bruises on the dog


    get frisky with him

    what about getting a feather from the pillow or duvet etc and putting it up his nose while pretending to be asleep??

    the other thing i do is while pretneding to be asleep again.... putting my arm under her pillow around her so she thinks i am cuddling her in my sleep, if she wakes up


    i kick my hubby then pretend to be asleep so he doesn't know why he woke … i kick my hubby then pretend to be asleep so he doesn't know why he woke up and i blame the bruises on the dog

    My ex (sic) used to do that. Apart from pretending to be asleep. Yes, ex.

    Advice - lose weight, see chemist for those nostril openers, see doctor (may be sleep apnia). Sleep on back - communicate your distress in an assertive but appropriate manner. or else get up and listen to Steph Beecham snoring on big Bro.

    Elbow is the weapon of choice.


    Elbow is the weapon of choice.

    Yup. Who cares about waking them up anyway - they're keeping you awake!

    put a pillow over his face for approximately 4 minutes - a nice peaceful result!!!

    Grrr I know exactly how you feel. I make OH sleep on the sofa at least twice a week LOL


    copper bottomed large frying pan right on the kisser:thumbsup:



    get frisky with him

    how do you know its a him.........;-)

    Lol any serious advice on this would be really helpful actually !

    Apparently I now snore - and yes I have put on weight does this make a difference ? Anyway had to take daughter back to uni this week and ended up spending 2 nights in close proximity due to being snowbound in the depths of nowhere - great snowballing fun but bloomin freezing lol - anyway I kept her awake and I was pretty upset afterwards because she was on her way to her exams and was knackered when we finally got there. So does anyone have any helpful advice ? Apparently hubbie says I do snore nowadays but he just doesnt take any notice !!!

    The only solution I've come across during the last 5 years of listening to my OH snore, is to get some industrial strength earplugs. Thats the only way I get some sleep, and yes we've been down all the stop snoring stuff and he's even had 2 operations and nothing worked, so get some earplugs, thats the only way!!

    just wake me up next time

    I have heard that apparently putting weight can make snoring worse, my OH has certainly got worse as he has become a victim of middle age spread.

    Sleep on your side, someone once told him to put a tennis ball down the back of his PJ's so when he does roll onto his back he will wake up before he starts snoring, but he hasnt yet tried it, but I think all you would suceed from that is disturbed sleep. If its really bothering you hun go and see your Doctor xxxx

    let your dog sleep in the kennel

    black gerbil1;7570406

    let your dog sleep in the kennel

    i may be her bitch, but dog is going to far :-(

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    Hahaha I don't remember posting this. Oh dear.


    just wake me up next time

    I'll punch you in the face next time.
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