Snow boarding VS skiing

    Thinking about taking up one of the above but don't know which to do. Which is easiest ? never really done skate boarding, went ice skating once and was terrible !! Which one would you recommend


    i think it depends on your age to be honest.

    I am 40 and a bit.....have skiied for the last 5 years and love it. I would not however try snowboarding as it is very hard work on the hips as you are constantly sitting down and getting back up.
    My oldest son who is nearly 14 has skiied for 5 years as well and is now thinking of giving snowboarding ago.
    I guess depending on your age snowboarding is more cool.
    Personally whichever you do...once you start you will be booking holidays every year. I have just booked again for next year.
    Good luck.


    snowboarding is easier for a complete novice

    I prefer skiing rather than boarding on snow I did try with a snowboard but just couldnt get to grips with it, but the opposite on water, where I either use a mono ski or a wakeboard.

    It depends on the standard of instruction, really. I've been skiing for years, and tried snowboarding for the first time this year - really enjoyed it, & was able to understand the technical aspects much easier as I have had excellent skiing instruction (with a lot of emphasis on the technical aspect).

    I would suggest popping along to a dry slope & giving both a try.

    (BTW, I have trouble staying on a skateboard, but didn't fall over on the dry slope when snowboarding:))

    I've been thinking of taking up snowboarding too, although as I've never actually been on a ski slope I've no idea what to expect. Can anyone give me any idea of cost for a beginner (just the basics i.e. board to buy/rent, lessons etc)? Cheers
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