Hi Everyone Merry Xmas to you all! Need help with this please i am trying to find a nice snow globe as a present for a birthday, not Xmas gift. Was looking into finding a limited Edition one or one by Swarovski but im really stuggling! Ive tried the high street and looked all over the net with not much luck.

    Only half decent ones i can find are disney ones or pretty Xmas ones. I dont mind going up to the westend if i have too and my budget is up to £100. Looking for something special, i know its a strange present but it has a lot of meaning to someone special. Hope this post helps, got around a week left!!!!

    Someone did mention harrods which im probably gonna check out at the weekend but if anyones got a picture they can post would really help as i cant see them on harrods website.

    Thank you everyone! Keep posting those excellent deals!!


    have you tried ebay? there are a couple on there 'Swarovski Snow Globe' but not sure if you would get in time for Christmas...

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    Yeah checked them out already they look a bit plain, i know its a snowglobe but wheres the snow?? They make alot of waterglobes now with glitter and stars. Trying to find a nice quality snow globe, this as been harder than i thought!!!!

    what kind of thing do you wnat inside it? city? flower? disney characters?

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    Sorry for the late reply i am looking for flowers or city something pretty it is a special birthday gift. Dont want disney or Xmas theme.

    Thanks for the help!
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