Snowbreeze to jailbreak, Do you tick the activate iphone option

I have spent all day working out how to use snowbreeze, now im almost done.

Do you tick the activate iphone box or not? what does it do?

Im on o2 it that helps,

Thanks for all your help today.


only if you are using an unofficial carrier, so in your case, no you don't need to tick it.

Just do it anyways won't make a difference. Why did it take you all day lol?

Original Poster

because i could not find the ipsw location, And have read different ways howw to do it on different sites and was puzzled, also took ages to download the ios4 from apple. i not done anything else all day decause of this.

Is there now an unlock?

It took you all day to find out where your computer stores the downloaded firmware?
Is google broken on your computer?
Incidentally, why then did you also download it from Apple?

Original Poster

Why not get it from apple? Like i said in previous post, The websites i used all said the wrong location of the file.

I have done it now anyway.

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