Snowflakes wanted for my website


    I want to make my website a bit more festive and was thinking of putting snowflakes over the existing header. Anyone know where I can find some cut out snowflakes for such a job - they will need a transparent background? Or does anyone have any other ideas on how to make a site more festive?




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    if you use paint shop pro or photoshop you can probably find some tubes for snaowflakes that would make it easy

    You could try using a Javascript snow fall - easily findable using Google and this makes it appear as though it is snowing on the page.

    I would use 'Brushes' in Photoshop or GIMP - you can download snow flake brushes and use them in Photoshop

    You dont by any chance work for Quidco do you ?

    What is the site?…cfm

    you can add snow flakes here :

    upload image & choose effects tab, scroll down to add animated mask & click on the snow image preview.

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    No I don't work for quidco. I can't post my site as it's a commercial one. Thanks for all the help everyone.

    I want to edit my header gif and place snowflakes all over it like argos, maplin and tesco seem to have done e.g.…htm

    Can someone recommend a program I can use to edit my header gif to put static snowflakes and stars on it? I find gimp too complex.



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