Found 27th Jun 2008
so ok it's 7 posts earlier but i dont want to miss it !
CONGRATULATIONS! well done hitting the 5k milestone.

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Well done bud


woop woop! i love snowtiger!

Congratumaltions! Your fingers must be exhausted!

Well done xx

Congratulations snowtiger, love your posts :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Congratulations, keep them coming :thumbsup:

I'd been counting down waiting to do this :x
congrats Snowtiger

Congratulations - have a tummy rub :thumbsup:

Congrats and Well done

Many congrats and well done, keep the jokes coming :thumbsup:

aww ...congrats to an awesome hukder!

hey Thankyou Kippy ................. Thanks everyone x
I'm not quite there yet ! but wont be long ! :whistling:

:thumbsup: Congratulations snowtiger xx :thumbsup:

Congrats to my favourite HUKDer by a country mile! xxx

Come on snowtiger, only a few more posts on here and you'll be there!"]

congratz mate


congrats snowtiger x
[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="6"]Congratulations to one of the nicest, funniest, most helpful people on here - well done[/SIZE][/COLOR]:thumbsup:

well dene snowtiger ::thumbsup:


Well done, congrates

[CENTER][SIZE=7][COLOR=palegreen]Thanks so much everyone[/COLOR][/SIZE]


Well Done Snowtiger!

Well done snowtiger... woo hoo

Original Poster


Congratulations - have a tummy rub :thumbsup:

hahaha love this. make sure u post some on tomorrow's caturday thread.

Well done Snowtiger :thumbsup:

5k in 5 months! Watch out Emasu! :whistling:


I'd been counting down waiting to do this :xcongrats Snowtiger

:-( Are you angry with me ?

Thanks again everyone for your congrats, & lovely pictures & a big Thankyou to Kippy for the thread xx

Have run out of Rep again for another 24 hrs ................................... (think we need to ask admin for more to give out ? )[/CENTER]

Congrats snowtiger

Nice one. :thumbsup:
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