So annoyed with Bioshock 2 right now!!

    Been playing for the last couple of hours, quite far in, and stumbled upon a bug / glitch which is stopping me from proceeding. Only option is to reload from a previous save, but in my ignorance I forgot to save whilst playing so it would take me a couple of hours replaying to get back to where I need to be......can't be bothered with that

    Was quite enjoying the game but wasn't blown away by it

    lesson learnt - always save as you go



    never had any problems when i played it through

    the ending was quite good, wasn't expecting rapture to end up in space, probably setting it up for a moon/mars based bioshock
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    I done a similar thing when i was playing it, i ve not been back on it cos it annoyed me so much. I'll go back on it eventually though, its a v v good game!

    I have had this happen so many times in games. I now create about 3 or 4 saves as i am paranoid i will lose my save data.

    Only problems i had was the game freezing a few times, luckily i saved.

    The bigger problem now is that i bought the new maps, but its impossible to actually get on them! Because they don't have their own playlist, if one person in lobby doesn't have them then you can't get on them. I love bioshock, but 2K are idiots for this.
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