So are..

    Are iPod Touches all that?
    I have a iPod classic and I'm going to Las Vegas at christmas.
    However some of the features of the touch attract me such as the apps and the wifi.
    I have a laptop I can use for the internet.
    Also storage, I cant fit all my stuff on a touch.
    Obviously I would buy the new touch if one is released after September!
    What do you guys reckon I should do


    im in the same boat as you, i think i am going to wait to see if a new version pops up before christmas, if it does then i will be purchasing one.

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    Would you be using both still?

    Does anyone know if ipods are cheaper usa as am off there at xmas

    Yeah, they are usually far cheaper in the States, or duty free.

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    Yeah I'm going too (Y)

    I've gone for the classic instead - as people are upgrading to the touch you can pick up the classics a lot cheaper 2nd hand now - I got my 30gb black video for £50 from someone in my office.

    I quite liked the touch - I borrowed one from work for a few weeks (but sadly had to give it back) but I wanted to fit all of my music on it & the 30gig lets me do that & I still have some space spare for vids & pics.

    I don't think the touch can justify it's price tag at the mo but hey - each to thier own - it is nice and shiney after all
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