So Finally an announcement from Toshiba on HDDVD

Found 19th Feb 2008
Toshiba has said it will stop making its high definition DVDs, ending a battle with rival format Blu-ray over which would be the industry standard.

This is very big news as per HD Video is concerned.

full news here
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BBC news ]here
I wonder how many times this will be put up today?
Well if yesterday is anything to go by I would say 8 or 9 times...
bad new for the wii then:|
yes and bad news for all the people who bought HD DVD player/recorder.

Lets see how many deals we are going to see on HUKD for HDDVD and players
ekk im sick of reading about HD-DVD! ERRR

Search is your friend!
Jeremy Beadles dead too!!!
this is getting tedious
I want more new threads :viking:
for goodnees sake!

some thing which very few people knows - naaaaat

In a very strange view LG has announced that they are not going to dump the HD DVD and will keep on investing and producing the HD DVD's

Jeremy Beadles dead too!!!

:w00t: No way!

so waht's this then hd-dvd is dead? ah ********, nobody told me
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