So for talent on a piano....

    I put this forward..... good job I have two toes worthy over my ten fingers!…YCg


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    All live playing by the way. Got bored whilst the misses was cooking the partridge (not Alan!)

    Honest feed back appreciated. Full animation for the track yet to come.

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    Watched it yet?

    I thought it was poor, but with potential. The bads are that it sounded mechanical and messy to the point that it reminded me of 8bit videogame soundtracks and the music behind Chocolate Rain at points. The goods are the ideas behind the music, which with some refinement, could result in something really good. I think you just need to think about it more, and articulate what you're playing better. A piano is a very versatile instrument and it can do lots of things and evoke lots of feelings, but not if your'e just hammering the keys. Relax, take it easier, simplify, and try again.

    Too repetitive and the timing was all over the place.

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    So what you're saying is that it was awesome?
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