So have you actually brought a £25 game from Morrisons?

I have pre-order stars wars the force unleashed at Zavvi and its going to be in the region of £35-40

So should i cancel and take a chance on the Morrisons offer.

Anyway please feel free to post your games and money saved



what offer? it finishes today if your referring to that offer on the deals page

Original Poster

Oh really damn

]This is the deal i meant

did you get any cheaper game sassie



Oh really damn ]This is the deal i meantdid you get any cheaper game … Oh really damn ]This is the deal i meantdid you get any cheaper game sassie

it finished today

yes i got guitar hero for the ds and sonic at the olympics, well actually vibeone got them and psoted to me as i couldnt get them, then morrisons phoned to say my marion cart and guitar hero was in, so my mate nabbed the two guitar heors staright off me, and got the mario cart, well happy as son is having a wii for xmas but wasnt going to be having new games too, but 2 wii games for £30 he now will be

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that brilliant!

So thats a few things crossed of the xmas list now

Shame it had to end, Let all campaign to get it back :giggle:
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