so how many of u's are using spotify ??

    So how many people on hear as using spotifiy?

    Only thing ave noticed about it as it doesnt have cretain ablums so hoping the will get added soon!

    come share your experiences


    Ive used it a bit but have found that the playback can be crackly - so much so that I have given up and gone back to my ipod!!

    its perfect for me guys....

    I have had no problems at all. We have a less than perfect connection to the internet at work, and I dont what magic they have done, but the music clear, and instant, and never disconnected.

    I love it - just a shame I cant carry it around with me (but I'm working on it!)

    Very good for me, seems a lot of stuff that I would listen to missing that is on youtube but for ease of use it gets an A+!

    do you all pay for this?


    do you all pay for this?

    free, one ad every 25 mins I think./

    and the ad is like 15 seconds long... brill thing that spotify...

    i use it & im loving it :thumbsup:
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