So, How Many Of You Have Had Someone Use Your Details For Fraud??

    I did on last week
    £175 worth!!
    They just helped themselves to my money, had an email confirmation of address where goods were going to
    but police didn't want to know...
    it just worries me that sites are not THAT secure!


    I Recently Sold A Ps2 On Then Received An Email From The Buyer Who Said She Did'nt Buy Any Turns Out That A Friend Of Her Son's Had Stolen Her Account Details.

    Well you should complain to the police complaints if they didn't want to know..
    My friend was done out of £3000 but claimed it all back..

    Ive heard of that happening before at Play,also Carphone Warehouse where my details were used for mobile top ups!

    Rosie said hers were stolen today too - seems to be more and more commen, which is a worry

    I was striped for over £2800 last year from my bank account. Got it back but loads of grief......I don't use online banking anymore:roll:

    yep. Credit card fraud for me.Discovered it today and phoned them right away. Don`t use the card anywhere else but online. Dont even know my pin number.


    a few months back someone managed to hack into my details, luckily my … a few months back someone managed to hack into my details, luckily my bank cut them off quite quickly!

    I'd love to agree with you there but Barclays Fraud are about as useful as breasts on a Bull..... last night tried to buy a book and top up my prepay card (so I can use it online to buy stuff, minimise opportunity for fraud etc).....KNOCKED BACK!!! tried several times...knocked back yet again....

    Call from the Ant Hill Mob's Fraud Department this afternoon, blah blah blah suspcious transactions on account.....

    call them tonight, verified my details, asked them what the problem was, they "just" wanted to confirm transactions on my account. Confirmed them, no fraud activity, but they ****** well stopped my card "just in case".....explains why couldnt use card....

    Card cleared, told I can use again.....30 mins later tried to purchase said book from previous evening....KNOCKED BACK AGAIN!!! .....WTF???

    Back on the phone to the genetic failures at Barclays Fraud asking why...same security saga, same "just" confirm transactions....yes, and? wheres the fraud??? ah eh...cough stutter splutter....much ****** fraud activity!!!!!!

    This happens to me every couple of months and I have to go through this carp every time, it takes me a day or 2 to get it sorted until next time.......

    Told them whats the point in having an anti fraud system when the ****** well customer cant even use the dam card!!!! what chance has the fraudster got!!!

    Barclays Fraud Dept = hopeless to say the least......if they had half a brain they'd be lop sided. nuf said

    Beware of Play.Com My son & a work colleuge both got stung on Play. When they complained Play DID NOT WANT TO KNOW just referred them to their bank saying the goods had been delivered THEY WOULDNT SAY TO WHOM as it is DATA PROTECTION 2WHAT A LOAD OF BO****CKS
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