So how was everyones ...............




    wet & windy!

    Made all the better for you asking about it!!!

    Swimming with the boy, shopping, usual stuff!!

    It's been great here (bit windy mind) we went to maldon prom today - they have a new water park and it's free! Kids loved it, which made it a great day.

    great day, been on petrol remote car 70mph

    busy, wet, and windy



    The highlight of mine was when I cleaned the top of the cooker earlier....

    [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]really Windy!![/COLOR]

    Mine was boring

    Too short (as always)


    Too short (as always)

    2nd ed ... noone to play with ..until late on sunday .....;-) ;-)

    Camping in Blair Atholl

    Freeeeeezing on Friday night (and I do not jest!!!!)

    P*shed with rain all Sat Night and Sunday - got to get a dry day now to dry the tent out! :roll:

    Great time!

    Amsterdam - incredible

    Very lazy...:lazy:

    In the blink of an eye... it was gone. Not well, so had to seek medical advice! :thumbsup:

    lovely - thank you for asking! Had my daughters school fete on Saturday. A bit windy but the rain held off. Then had a party at our local farm and stayed all day in the sunshine.
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