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So I counted the sweets in my Heroes tin!

Posted 20th Nov 2009
I bought a tin of Heroes (950g) in Morrisons for £3.99 and decided to share with the HUKD-ers what they actually consist of.

Fudge = 18
Dairy Milk Caramel = 18
Twist (Creme Egg) = 14
Dairy Milk = 13
Eclair = 10
Bourneville = 8
Twirl = 8

Total = 89

Obviously all tins are different but I'd like to see if others have roughly the same quantities.
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Suprised theres so many caramels lol
Oh dear you must be very bored today....

When i open my tin I will let you know, i will get my daughter to count them.
Wow, that is boredom!!
almost 4.5p each (I'm bored too!)
Yep it's amazing what you do when you're having a sick day at home :thumbsup:
Wow, that's quality time filling!

Almost as good as Karl Pilkington, bored in a hotel in Scotland, counting how many 'Mac's OR 'Mc's there were in the phone book!!! :w00t:
You really need to get a life!!!! :-D
That is sad in so many ways lol.

Celebrations are the best :-D
Did you count while eating this quantity? if yes then shame on you for not sharing.....with me
lolllllllllll have rep!! cos counting chocs like that is something i would do!! im glad im not the only one!!

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