So I just spent £9000 on One T-Shirt (***PICS INSIDE***)

But I don't have a receipt

I £900 is nothing

I buy 10 of these a week


-brb styling on everyone/Waits for parody thread

Original Poster Banned

Original Poster Banned

What do you think

Original Poster Banned

No serious I buy these all the time

Just can't find my receipt for my dated clothes


black gerbil1;3372622

-brb styling on everyone/Waits for parody thread

beat me to quoting that there :thumbsup:

Does she have a brah on ?

sea wot I dun !

Forget the T-Shirt...I'd rather take the 900 bucks and have me a wild week in vegas....that way I could get a good holiday and the blonde in the t-shirt for that money...:w00t:

Nice fit though dont you think?

r u M OR F?


lol cant believe it took this long!!

Original Poster Banned

Life changing Comment

Original Poster Banned


Does she have a brah on ?sea wot I dun !

I'm lost


Which one? There seem to be a few multiple identities around - or are they sock puppets? :roll:[/IMG]



very nice:thumbsup:
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