So I was just on a flight home....

    and I ended up having to sit next to Nick Griffin.



    near the right wing?

    hope you got his autograph?

    I hope you're THEM. would have been epic just to see.


    Nick Griffin on Ryan Air?

    flight home from where? thought he wouldn't be the one for travelling around other countries/ seeing different cultures / races etc. Rory, u flying into Glasto Festival then to beat the traffic queues?!

    did you tell him you were an immigrant hoping for a better life in the UK and ask if he could offer any advice

    What's wrong with Nick Griffin? Does he have BO or something?

    Original Poster

    It was on Easyjet from Brussels

    Who's Nick Griffin??


    It was on Easyjet from Brussels

    Does he still look like he's been melted?


    Does he still look like he's been melted?

    Thanks, would not have slept lol!
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