So I Went To The Supermarket Last Night...

    I was out to make it a special night for a lucky lucky woman shopper. I went to get a drink at the refridgerated section, and there was this young women sitting down, she must have had cramp. I go talk to her for about a minute, what I thought was a very intelligent/humorous/direct conversation, I ask for her number and she goes "f*** off you have the social skills of a rapist" and she walks away.(cramp must have gone)

    My confidence was shattered for the rest of the night,i went home and i just sat in the corner playing with my brocolli


    I know that game playa.

    LOL wonder if he notices..... it could work

    oh that freak was you last night?

    just kidding

    Wrong but funny :lol:

    Pwned at the supermarket! If you look like your avvie im not surprised especially if you was doing the lickage all the time talking to her:p

    Milky milky..... :lol:


    yes Proximo did something like this yesterday to 1 of my posts.
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