So i'm looking for car insurance

    I've been driving for 18 month and not been on my own policy i'm 26 and the quotes seem a bit steep..
    best quote i've had is 731.00 with legal cover then they wan't 14.5% slapped on for installments plus 20.00 its up to about 840.00..

    Any suggestions?


    Yes, either:

    1. Start Cycling

    2. Wait until your 40 and try again

    Pay the years premium in Full on an interest free creditcard for purchases and pay it off that monthly, at least you will save their instalment fees of £100.

    Take it you've tried all the comparison sites for the best quote, have you then tried the best ins/broker co via tcb or quidco. IIRC Hastings are one of the better one's for young/newish drivers.
    You could get free legal cover through ]YourKey IIRC, not sure how good it is, but....

    Original Poster

    hastings on comparison sites was about 3 grand or something stupid


    forget comparison sites, phone up a few local brokers

    Also try adding a named driver (Partner/mother/father etc.) who has been driving for a while, regardless of whether or not they will use the car.

    Insurance companies seem to think you are safer this way?

    Go through car mags and phone up ads with 0800 numbers, takes time but should find a good deal.:thumbsup:

    Try NFU, but you have to call them up (UK number though, and very good to deal with). As you are over 25 you might have some luck with them.
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