So im thinkin about enterin the london marathon...

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Found 30th Sep 2009
My dads got it into my mind... But i aint exactly the fittest person... and i know i will have ALOT of training to do!

But with it being just after my 18th birthday... If i could complete it i would be the youngest person to do it!

Your thoughts?

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In a clown mask???

That would be stupid.

Run it for the North West Air Ambulance.

one of the youngest

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters"The youngest men to run the London … Best Answer - Chosen by Voters"The youngest men to run the London Marathon were Oscar MacCormal and Matthew Vaughan, who competed in the race in 2007 and were 18 at the time. They were both born on April 17th 1989. The youngest woman ever to run the race is Diana Hobbs. She also competed in 2007 and was born on 25th March 1989, making her 18 also."Source(s)

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one of the youngest

Bolocks to that then! haha

It would be a great achievement if you completed it - especially in a sub 5hrs time, which can be done if you train / rest / eat properly. First and foremost you need to get a proper pair of trainers or you'll damage yourself. Also I would suggest you get some mags like Runners World, as often they have very good training schedules :thumbsup:

I'll do it i'm 15 :-) all I gotta is complete it right I'll run for like 30 minutes of it and then walk the rest :-D


Bolocks to that then! haha

lol indeed.

it still would feel good to have completed it though, especially if you've had to work towards it

ballot for places is now closed for 2010, you would now have to try and get a place with one of the many charity places, but you will have to raise about £2k, i ran in 2006 i had to raise £1600 for my place.

got my letter on thursday to say my application was unsuccessful.
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