So I'm thinking about buying some wheels of steel

Found 7th Sep 2009
Don't want to spend too much as I will probably get bored of them after a few days and never use them again.

Any recommendations?
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Technics 1210s, can't really go wrong and best resale value.
[COLOR="Red"]I've been told by a couple of people that CD decks are the way forward.

Is this true? What are the pros and cons?[/COLOR]
lot of labels dont press vinyl so much these days......most big dj's have made the switch to digital
I'll always prefer the feel and pure simplicity of vinyl. They are simply more tactile therefore more fun.

However, CD decks its dead easy to stick your whole music collection on, 12"s cost a fiver+ a piece! Plus often much greater control over pitch rates, features such as pitch correction and other effects.

Ideal world = have both.
couple of these should do ya…293
you will suck n give up in a few hours, have fun
Don't bother getting anything.

You just haven't got it in you to be a DJ.


Technics 1210s, can't really go wrong and best resale value.

Got a pair of 1200's meself. Had them nearly 20 years and they've never let me down.
Don't even consider buying cd decks. Real dj's use vinyl!:thumbsup:

And for turntablism, buy a Vestax 05 mixer.
On second thoughts as your post leads me to believe that you're not really 100% committed then maybe this would be more up your street.............
[COLOR="Red"]^^How can I hit some ones and twos on that?:?^^[/COLOR]
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