So ive purchased a new router and it doesnt have a built in modem :S

    Netgear RangeMax WNDR3300
    Am i right thinking i can use the adsl wired router my provider gave me, then use an ethernet to ethernet cable to the router?

    Also can someone suggest a modem...

    EDIT: wont my computer have a built in modem?


    I think this is a CABLE Router (Virgin) and NOT an ADSL modem/router.

    With Virgin you have a separate modem so the router does not include a modem.

    To be honest if you have ADSL I think you have bought the wrong router and I dont think it will work with ADSL.

    See web site below, and click on "System Requirements" tab, it says:
    System Requirements: Broadband (cable, DSL) Internet service and modem with Ethernet connection…spx

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    Well i asked the seller before purchasing because i did see different models , he says it will work with both :), but i need a modem as it doesnt have one built in. I can still get a refund if i want.

    your PC will not have a modem built in 99% sure. Who is your Broadband with?? if its with a cable company you have to use there modem and plug it into a router, if you use a BT line you can use a router with a modem built in. You can plug a BT type modem into a router without a router but tbh i would get a router with a modem built in if you are on a BT line. That make sence?

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    ohh right, i like this router due to the good reviews about the range and within the price range it appears to be the best.

    How would i get this working if i have a bt line? i have a wired adsl router lying about somewhere.

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    anyhow ill check replies tomorrow, im off to sleep.

    This is netgear compatible dsl modem…ons
    scan do it…gle
    Whichever modem you choose, you need to make sure it communicates properly with you router, while the modem communicates with BT. you will need to check the specs on both.
    and any modem you choose. I went this route and found the modem was not able to work with my ideal router settings so had to compromise meaning I was not able to use some of the port forwarding features of the router.
    I had a linksys router and bought the modem they recommended for it!

    far easier to return the Cable router to the store and say they have given you the wrong one, despite you asking for an ADSL one. Might also be worth mentioning that this sort of thing wouldnt happen if their sales assistants knew the difference between an ADSL BT-Line based connection and a Cable DSL one.

    if you have an ADSL connection through a phone line, you need a modem router.
    if you have a connection through cable (Virgin/NTL/Telewest), then you already have a modem and just need a router.

    this is very basic stuff that someone working in a store selling these items should know.

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    Ive purchased it from an ebay powerseller. Can anyone recommend a modem


    Ive purchased it from an ebay powerseller. Can anyone recommend a modem

    As far as I know this router wil NOT work on an ADSL line with an ADSL modem.

    seller told you it would work, it doesnt. they should accept it back.

    you need a modem router

    The seller is right it will work with adsl but will need a adsl modem with ethernet to plug into it
    ]like this

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    I've returned it anyways
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