So So nearly got a Jasper Xbox in Northampton Argos lol

It's an arcade BTW

Team FDOU Lot 0843X

Maunfactured 2008-10-21 (I recon 2 or 3 days off a Jasper)

But a 175W/14.2A power/console. and a 256Mb Card

Bah :P Now to twoddle off and get my 20GB from MS....


Whats Jasper? :?

wats a jasper?

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The newer 150W Version allegedly going to vastly reduce the RROD.

why didnt you wait a bit if u want one?

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I didn't go for one, just interesting to see that they are nearly here.

wat happens wit the elite? is it the same princible?

What happened to your old xbox 360?

Liteon hacked.

If you waited you could of got one of the consoles with the 256mb internal memory

I did that at Game the other day. Same lot number but the manufacture date was 22-10-2008. I thought 1 Day wouldn't make a dfference but it did, still 175w etc...

I nearly won the lottery. only 5 numbers out.


I nearly won the lottery. only 5 numbers out.

Unlucky geeza.

Better luck next time. :thumbsup:
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