So We can drink water again, have lost the grand prix thanks to bernie, and WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT?

    OK so we can drink water from the tap again, thats good.

    Bernie Ecclestone i want to personally hunt down and well, i'll stop there (As in stop what i'm saying)

    And um... when i look out of the window to see a commerical sized business jet at about 150 feet over a residential area heading towards Sixfields i get a little nervous and want to know what is going on.


    It's gone to a better county.

    Go Kimi!!!


    It's gone to a better county. :)Go Kimi!!!

    It's closer for me too, so I dont mind :thumbsup:

    At least we'll all be able to get in and out without too much effort, plus we'll see more as spectators.
    The jet was probably Damon Hill remonstrating about how they've lost the GP.

    Anyone (other than kyalion) actually going to see the GP? I wish I had tickets. :-(
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