So what did Y'all think of The Interview?

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Found 27th Dec 2014
As above. Just Watched The Interview what did you all think of it? I think it was highly over rated and i was pretty disappointed. I expected so much more from the way North Korea wanted it banning.

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It was paid for by the Illuminati so America has a new "enemy", and "war on terror" to keep the sheeple occupied so they can claim to have a new "terror threat" that they need to infringe upon your privacy and civil liberties with.

* If he has a sense of humor he might see the funny side, but a big hulaballoo over nothing imo.

Have a read of this....…114
You will understand a bit more about why they do not like any pee taking of their illustrious leader X)


awful... filmed by monkeys

Its got James Franco and Seth Rogen in it, it was hardly going to be a masterpiece!

I've met Kim Jong-un and it was a pretty accurate film. Had a couple of giggles but I have to agree with that miserable git cdm22, Rogen and Franco aren't exactly comedy genii

Laughed a lot. As expected.

Publicity stunt,has backfired pretty badly for the big S.

Was ok; nothing incredible, might be worth another watch though.


I expected so much more from the way North Korea wanted it banning.

They weren't against it because it was particularly funny but because of the general nature of it.

Watched this last night, really enjoyed it. Just what you expect from Rogan and Franco. Not sure what people are expecting it from it, but if you liked Pineapple Express and This is the End then you won't be disappointed. If you are expecting a slick political satire, look elsewhere.


i watched ½ of it last night before getting bored and watching something else, hopefully the hackers are more successful at saving us from the next film they make

This whole scandal has been a god send for this film without it, it would have been a major flop. It is such a bad film, its unbelievable that a studio would even bank on something so crap. Without the scandal I assume word of mouth and bad reviews would have killed this film off but the whole scandal has revived interest in this film and generated buzz, now with bad worth of mouth it is not affecting viewing for this film, as everyone wants to see what the 'fuss' is about. Awful and sloppy film.

Watched it last night, it was ok, pretty much what I expected, easily watchable film

Just finished watching it, I was surprised, it was actually funny yet some bits were definitely over the top gross.
Not bad considering my previous thoughts on the film wasn't that great with what I saw on adverts.
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