So what do you really want from the sales?

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Found 25th Dec 2008
Thankfully I am not as obsessed with the sales this year as I bought everything I needed in last years sales.

So will you be buying everything and anything or are you waiting for a specific item/s.

I am keen to get some cheap hampers if there are any.

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I want a bargain. lol. I'm willing to pay a strong price for it, but I want to feel when I come away that I've got it for a good price and that I've not been ripped off.

However. That item could be many, many things...

I want something not sure what yet tho lol

xbox 360 / new phone ( fingers crossed)

i keep looking @ a 32 inch tv but i can't buy it at moment .......... would make me 360 set up 10x better :-D

shoes and jeans my current ones are a bit worn.

i want a ps3, 0.5 to play games, 0.5 for blu-ray.
failing that, I want a xbox 360

Criteria: must be a bargain.


i really wanted a tassimo, yesterday it was £50 ish, got the money today for one and gone on line, it has gone back up to £100 ish

how annoying, x

ps happy christmas x


120gb 360 drive, messenger pad, points, and some clothes from topman.

I want some gift sets from Boots (for birthday presents throughout the year), a case and speakers / dock for my ipod touch and maybe some new clothes, that is about it. I am not really big on the sales this year.

i havent seen anything SUPER hot posted today.

I don't want anything.

I want buy one get 10 free type deals. Not including things like ear buds or individual peas etc lol
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