So what does everybody think of the new 'improved' ebay search?

Shower of poop imho. So messy and hard to read. Next improvement please :-)


What improvements have been made? Seems the same for me, except that once in a while a popup window asks for my postcode.

i seem to get the new version sometime and the old most often..... personally i prefer the old version the new one i can find anything and it appears buy it now tab has gone

Utter carp

its rubbish

The new one is gash, also like someone else i sometimes get the old and sometimes the new cant understand why. The buy it now tab is sorely missed in the new one!

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I think the old version goes completely this weekend (might be next weekend). Then everybody can experience the joys of not being able to find out what's finishing in the next hour. Of course it'll probably take 45 minutes to work out HOW to get it to show you that.... Bring back those lovely tick boxes I say, so simple, so effective, so not ebay:roll:

It is terrible, the old version was much more user friendly.

Found out how to narrow the search down to within time and price range,
It's a pain in the rear though

its quite good ?

The My Ebay page in mine has changed and is more squashed and harder to read and the paid bit has gone.

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Well the worst part of it is the limited amount of items per page. At the moment I can see about 12, with the new version that gets cut to 4!! Makes it a nightmare to compare a list of items for price/postage etc. That was the major complaint last time they had this brilliant idea.

Oh and those who do have it, do a search and then do a search on Amazon. ebay= copycat FAIL.
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