So what was your first car??

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Found 16th Feb 2010
Ok so u just past your test and you need to buy a car ?? i was wondering what people got as there first car???

mine was a great KIA PRIDE !! ***(hangs head in shame) ***

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Original Poster

my first car :w00t:



Hyundai Accent :-S

the one before my second

F Reg Ford Fiesta 1.1 :thumbsup:
Then Renault Megane >> BMW >> WV Bora.

Fiat panda 100HP

Its been exactly 1 year today since I passed my driving test!


1st astra mk2 ( blew the engine )
2nd nissan micra
3rd volvo 440
4th saxo vtr
5th civic coupe
6th honda prelude si vtec
6.5th had a slivia s15 also forgot about that car
7th charger ( far to expensive to run only owned it for 3weeks )
8th corsa c - 2.0 ltr red top turbo ( Current car, off road atm, Snapped the front right spring )

Looking to get a supra in the summer

1.6 Ford escort


Hyundai Accent :-S

Same here!

Wrote if off after about 2 months though :oops:

Citroen Saxo

saxo vtr

L reg Clio 1.9 diesel

Renault Clio 1.4 RT Champ Elysee edition >> Peugeot 306 TD 1.9 >> Renault Clio 1.6 110 version (tried to kill me) >> Currently on a Pug 306 HDI 2.0.

Rover 200 1.4 come on english built baby :P

Its like a greenhouse now though lets water in and steams up

*Cough* Yes, yes, it's an Austin Allegro (it is the 'sporty' one though) :oops:

NISSAN MICRA! 91! Learned to drive in it. lol


*Cough* Yes, yes, it's an Austin Allegro (it is the 'sporty' one though) … *Cough* Yes, yes, it's an Austin Allegro (it is the 'sporty' one though) :oops:

loving it lol

Austin Metro, beige with orange and red 'go faster' stripes down each side. Cost me £60, and £300 to insure it. Loved it to bits, and learnt to drive in it. Passed my test in it too, even though the door handle came off in the examiners hand as he pulled the door shut...

Morris Marina

Unfortunately a P reg Citroen AX Dimension 956cc in Ocean green, I hate hand me downs

1st. Peugot 206
2nd. Toyota starlet GT (current)


Morris Marina

Lol, i would've took the mick if I hadn't already posted my allegro!

It's 1.3 coupe in case you didn't know.


7th charger ( far to expensive to run only owned it for 3weeks )

Bet you don't regret that 3 week love affair though?

I can almost hear it now, and it's doing strange things down there.:p

Mine was a P reg (1975) Fiat 128 in silver. Bought it of my uncle for £50 and fixed it up with my dad as it needed a new water pump and other minor things. Cracking little car, it had cruise control and no center console so you could set your speed and stretch your legs into the passengers footwell! It had no space for a stereo so had a tape player on the passenger seat. Also carried a hammer under the seat to give the starter motor a little knock now and again.
Same as this but silver.

Renault Clio, 1997, hated it


G Reg Ford Escort Popular 1.4.

Did some mods to it. Looked OK, but that was it!


Red Austin Metro 1989 (G REG)

1) 93 1.6 Vauxhall Cavalier
2) 94 Rover 216 Coupe
3) 94 2.0 Ford Mondeo
4) Company cars for 2 years
5) 93 honda civic
6) 96 Peugeot 306
7) 95 Peugeot 406
89 Fiat Tempo
9) 98 Audi A4 2.4 V6 Auto Estate (that was my baby)
10) 96 Ford Mondeo
11) 01 VW 1.8T Passat

And i have only had my license for 9 years! lol


Had a toyoata pickup as you whould call it in the uk

Vauxhall Nova (H Reg...1.4)
BMW 320i coupe (K Reg ....2.0)
VW Passat (T Ref....1.9TDI)
Mazda RX8 (2004.....2.6)
BMW 316ti Compact (2004...1.8)

But now i'm thinking of selling my bmw compact and buying another RX8....

My 1st car was a Renault 5 - haha! I wrote it off after 2 months.

My first car - 1980 2.0GL

2) 1987 Ford Escort 1.4LX
3) 1988 Ford Escort 1.6LX
4) 1990 Citroen AX GT
5) 1991 Citroen ZX Aura
6) 1987 Ford Sierra 2.0GLS
7) 1985 Ford XR2
1987 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0
9) 1998 Vauxhall Vectra 2.5 V6 SRi
10) 2003 Renault Megane 1.9dci Privilige
11) and on March 1st 2010 - Mazda 6 2.2d Sport :thumbsup:


My 1st car was a Renault 5 - haha! I wrote it off after 2 months.

[ ] wow your so cool.

Rover 25 > Toyota Yaris > Mini Cooper

i want to get a vw polo

Rover Metro. Still got it on the drive only done 19000 miles

Ford Fiesta Popular Plus 1.1
or similar!!
It was a red Morris 1100


p.s. ^^ not the actual one

just uploading pic of my 4th car, a lovely red cut and shut
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