So whats...

    Different in windows 7? And i can i upgrade so i dont lose all my data?


    right, basically you want to create a partition on your hd to install it on, then you can choose what os you want to boot when you switch on.

    I think its much more homofriendly. You'll love it x

    back up your data just incase


    I think its much more homofriendly. You'll love it x


    i updated, and the pc just went in to
    s l o w m o.
    got rid of it again. stick to what i've got for now. grass aint always greener, as i found.

    i wouldn't install it over my existing OS since it's still in beta even though its close to the final release.

    best thing to do is just experiment with it on a dual boot, or virtual machine if your computer can handle it.

    its pretty nice and apparently its far better than vista.
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