So What's A good HD Film?

    I'm talking in quality wise. I hear Blood DIamond looks good.


    the borne series


    Apocalypto! Filmed in the rainforest and is a bit gory at times but a joy to watch in Hi-Def. Very vibrant colours! Must be all the green...

    anything but 300


    anything but 300

    Oh really?!

    Children of Men looks really good - espescially the really long continuous shots - IMHO an absolute masterpiece in film making!

    Agree with MM - transformers looks really good.
    As does Planet Earth.

    and The Prestige.

    I agree Transformers looks the best movie I have seen to show off Hi-def. The actual film on the other hand..........

    Transformers looks fantastic and sounds amazing, King kong is worth adding to look at but dont try to watch the film for pleassure just to say Woww that looks nice.......

    Anyone know wher eyou can get Planet Earth cheap I want it ???

    dmissy13: anything but 300 Oh really?!

    yeah it looks like bad 80's CGI it looks much better on normal DVD
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