So what's the deal with Grabitnow then? Anyone know?

    Just a quick query (and apologies if it has been previously mentioned, I did check but couldn't find anything...). I was looking to see if today's Grabitnow deal has been posted and when selected it says "Grabitnow - DO NOT POST' and I can't see any of their previous deals. Now I have used them before and found them ok - standard cheapie site where items arrive and don't look quite as good as they did onsite but certainly never had any problems. Has anyone else? Have I missed something? (Wouldn't be the first time!)

    Anyhow, thought I'd ask before I use them again to see if they should be avoided so if anyone can shed any light on this, would apprecaite it!



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    It's because they're linked to Redsave, not because they have daily deals:…40/
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