So, what's your text/ringtone?

Found 31st Oct 2008
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tetris from 8 bit gameboy for the tone,

"sonic boom" for the message alert tone from street fighter 2
Robbie Williams - Ghost

no text tone at all, drove everyone mad when i was popular :giggle:
Green day .. Basket case.... ringtone..

Some very heavy breathing and moaning.... txt alert..:oops:
When? :thumbsup:

Default Sony Ericsson sound for both calls and text.
wouln't be fooled again
the who
My text tone is........... Combine Harvester (ahem!) and Mr Big Stuff! Loved it since watching No Angels and my Fiance likes it from Soccer Am!

wouln't be fooled againthe who

baba o'reilly better, no?
Cant remember my phone ring tone, text alert is a wolf whistle...loud too lol
PCD! (Who else would you expect!?)

Don't Cha...

And the test alert is some moaning or groaning of some sort/sarcasim....

Knights of Cydonia-Muse

Knights of Cydonia-Muse

nice, although takes a while to start. did you chop it//?
the ctu ringing tone from 24

and the text tone is standard nokia.

Usually my fone is on silent though.

nice, although takes a while to start. did you chop it//?

yes, its only the chorus
I've had the same ringtone for a few years now....Cops Theme tune..Bad Boys! Wotcha gonna do, wotcha gonna do wen they come for you, Bad Boys...Bad Boys! lol :-D

Knights of Cydonia-Muse

LOVING YOUR AVI!!! ROFL!!! LMFAO!!!! xxxxx:p
Theme from Mighty Boosh as ringtone, and 'Bring On The Trumpets' as message tone
[QUOTE=grex9101;3342178]baba o'reilly better, no?[/QUOTE

Ur right a song after my own heart :thumbsup:

ring tone changed now Baba O'Riley :whistling::-D:-D
My ring tone is the into to sweet child of mine and my msg tone is some built in beep. i cant remember
My ringtone is Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Txt tone is a standard nokia one! :-D
My ringtone goes ring ring
My message tone goes beep beep.
I vary mine - currently Screamager by Therapy but sometimes BYOB by System of a Down, Mothership by Enter Shikari or for a bit of contrast Children by Robert Miles or for work the theme music from the wolf blass advert, the one with the eagle.
I have got Rockstar atm but must change it!!
I have Saturn 5 by the Inspiral Carpets.
Awesome start to a tune.

For my message alert I have a clip from phoenix nights, Brian Potter saying "Sweet Baby Jesus and the Orphans"
ringtone; Ne-yo miss independant

message alert; garage tune mash up
I have only seen them the once - back in the day!
Brilliant though - supported by shed seven.

I had forgotten all about shed seven - I might go and have a look at changing my message alert to one of their tunes

the ctu ringing tone from 24and the text tone is standard nokia.Usually … the ctu ringing tone from 24and the text tone is standard nokia.Usually my fone is on silent though.

exactly the same, a phone call now, ty ty ty tuuuu :):)

Jack is tougher than Chuck Norris :-D
Mine is " The Saints Are Coming" by the Skids !!
Fab tune which was later covered by U2 and Green Day .Their version was also good but not as good as original
I am no longer embarrassed when my phone rings LOL
Mine is the ringtone from the show!
ringtone is the theme from gta san andreas and my msg tone is the GRENAADAAA shout from cod 4.
Mine is 'The Beautiful People' - Marilyn Manson
intro from 4 minute warning by mark owen
I sadly have Boyzone - Love you anyway as a ringtone
Sam Sparro - Black and Gold as my message
Ringtone - Dakota, Stereophonics

Message - default beep

Ringtone - Dakota, Stereophonics:)

had a bad day-chimpmunks
and for when other half calls i have
wallace and gromit remixed by chris moyles (its the first film we ever watched together-and the tune we gonna exit our wedding to)
ring tone is high enough by damn yankees
message beeping noise
Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
My ringtone is Rock Lobster sung by Peter Griffin
My ringtone is Audioslave "Like a Stone".
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