So who here hasnt started revising for their exams?

    So who here hasnt started revising for their exams? Im gonna start properly tomorrow and revise hopefully alot for my AS Level exams. I've got 4 subjects to revise, Business Studies, Economics, ICT and Geography, and i think i've left it tooo late for me to get a good grade Anyone elsein the same situation?


    But's that's cos I'm too old ... so old I'm not even allowed on adult courses!!!
    Good look with it tho!!

    yeah im in that situation, doesnt feel good. Quite hard to revise doing AS too, at least we can retake in Jan 09....good luck

    I did business studies, economics, ICT, sociology and general studies for A levels. I self taught myself the subjects.

    As long as you do some serious studying now you should be ok. Hopefully you have made good notes through the year, read through these. Question your teachers about anything you do not completely understand

    Good luck

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    I feel confident that I will do good in Business and ICT exams and maybe Economics if i start revising quickly but Goegraphy has so many case studies and fatcs to remember that I will probbaly drop it if i do bad in it. Although my original plan was to drop either ICT or Business Studies.

    me too
    But mine don't start till late May, so i'm still alright. But I do need to atleast start my homework and projects soon.

    Do what you can - its never too late but do allow timeout for relaxing (!!!!!)

    Good Luck !

    No, but I sympathise wirth all the work you have to get through in the very near future.
    My AS Biology class have all given me a great pile of practice questions to mark for them.
    Good luck::thumbsup: intensive bursts are the best!!!

    Got my Accountancy exam in mid May , and i've still got a few units to finish yet :w00t:

    wow i have vertually the same subjects as the OP

    i got AS business, geography, and computing (ict) ;-)

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    lol are you in the same situation too?

    GCSE's coming up soon and i feel the same!
    Good luck!

    got politics economics and maths

    Realy dreading the C2 maths exam i got a U in C1 if i fail this C2 ill be kicked out.

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    Damn I feel for you as u need that 3rd a level to get to good universitys.

    I have my law finals in 3 weeks and I'm still writing my dissertation, I haven't even thought about revision. I'm screwed.

    passed my modular exam for business now just got the longgggg coursework to do.

    i havent started much revision yet though

    Ive started revising...soo tedious :-(


    not started yet, really should doing 11 exams! 3 A2 subjects and one AS.

    not started yet but then again im doing
    theatre studies
    media studies
    film studies
    and english combined.

    and the worse thing is im fialing those... even tho there sposed to be dos subjects LOL.



    wow i have vertually the same subjects as the OP :Di got AS business, … wow i have vertually the same subjects as the OP :Di got AS business, geography, and computing (ict) ;-)

    It's obvious why you are not taking English language ;-)

    yep, that also why i use word.... got a good spell checker

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    Update - So i have revised Unit 1 of both Business Studies and Economics but just need to go over it. I feel alot more confident now as once you start you see thats its do-able. I use Philip Allan Update revision guides as they are specific to the AQA exam board. Does anyone know of any ICT revision guides that at AQA specific or AS Level?
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