So your on your own everynight

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Found 12th Jun 2010
OK so you live on your own. what do you do (dont be dirty you old fish wife) what do you do? where do you go?

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Lol, i would reply but ive just had my knuckles slapped by the hamster,

Would imagine most single males would have put my previous misc thread to good use thou


When i did live on my own thou i always made sure i had plenty to do, be it out with freinds or just popping down the local

Ermm watch your favourite tv/movies all the time? Go out to dinner with friends call them over to crash at yours? Keep on a look out for a partner if lonely? Go to places like clubbing, library etc.

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ok no partner ad living in a new place. how do i met new ppl


Get out there, try the local social clubs,

Failing that have a look round for some local clubs (try the library notice boards)


ok no partner ad living in a new place. how do i met new ppl


Have a Curry night and films................ Or go walking the streets/park

Bloody good question. It's even more difficult if your a woman. Uncomfortable going into a pub on your own.

Really good question, me and the wife are in the process of splitting up (her choice). She has got the little one with her and I now find myself alone with nothing to do. Everyone always says when you get a partner not to lose your friends and how so right they are. I sure as **** wont be doing that again.
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