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Posted 22nd Jul 2017
A couple of my friends have bought football shirts from soccer lord and I've been impressed with the quality. I have noticed they sell children's kits, has anyone bought one and how do the sizes match up?
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Looks well legit
I know they are fake but they are very good quality fakes, as my kids are not overly interested in football I'd rather get these for £19 than the £40-50 in the shop.
Not legit at all in my eyes.

Changing business addresses to different countries. I contacted them after my credit card details were stolen.
Nothing but abuse.
Other than they were the only online purchase I made that month, so you decide.

They take your money, you dont get the goods either.

Had to go through so much hassle with the bank.

It's your risk, but I learnt the hard way.
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