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    evening all, ok i got two socket 478 cpu's here and ive got a question to ask.

    the first one i got is my trusty p4 3.2ghz socket 478 processor with a l1 cache of 8kb and l2 cache of 512 kb and it has a northwood core and also non hyper threading.

    the second i have which i purchased today is a p4 3.2 ghz socket 478 processor with a l1 cache of 16kb and l2 cache of 1028kb and it has a prescott core and is a hyper threading cpu.

    my question is im running it on vista and my base score for the 1st one i described is 4.3

    and the base score for the second one i describe is only 4.0 ?

    i havent really noticed much difference in proformance between the two but was expecting a better base score due to the l2 cache is higher and that its a ht cpu? so how come its lower? or is it somthing i shouldnt take any notice of? thanks in advance for replies.

    i know a northwood core cpu runs cooler but would that make a difference?


    your better off with dual core or core two duo with vista, socket 478 runs a little to slow i found.

    sounds like something wrong, the prescott has a much faster fsb so its prob either restricted in speed by the board or its over heating causing it to throttle back. check the board is picking it up correctly and setting the fsb properly, what board is it?

    Try disabling hyperthreading and running the test again. HT was a dog of a feature that never really worked outside of benchmarks, and usually only made apps crash. Disable it in the BIOS, and try again. +1 on Maddog's suggestion, too.

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    mainboard is intel springdale-g, i guess if i go into bios i can give you a little more info. give me ten mins and i report back! yeah i know dual core is better but my shuttle has never let me down and thought that i would treat it to a new processor, and on a socket 478 mainboard its been brilliant to be honest, not the most modern bit of kit but aways done the job for me.

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    m865g is the mainboard id, in bois i found a column that said, max cpuid value limit disabled? would you leave this as is or enable it?

    the fsb is at 800

    dont follow vista scores so closely its there as a rough guide only

    I don't think there are any hidden restrictions in the CPU score like the others have, but if you haven't noticed a difference I wouldn't put too much stock in benchmarks of any kind.
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