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    I'm currently running a 2.4 ghz Celeron but I'm thinking about upgrading to a Pentium 4 as this appears to be the best processor the motherboard will handle.

    Firstly, what's the minimum I should buy to make a noticeable difference (running alongside 512 RAM and Radeon 9200 128mb graphics)? Secondly, on eBay, second hand 3.0 ghz Pentium 4s seem to be going for between £10-£20, are they good value?


    If you can get a 3.0ghz P4 for £10 -£20 I would snap it up these are selling usually between £30-£40 a very reliable chip but increase your ram . I have an old P4 2.4ghz with 1gb of ram and it is so slow compared to a 3.0ghz P4 with 2gb Ram it is unbeleivieable

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    The problem is that it's DDR and that's relatively expensive compared to DDR2.

    Would a 3.0ghz make a noticeable difference to my computer? If it's not going to make me think "wow I'm glad I bought this" then I think I may just leave it, being a skint student makes £10-£20 a fair chunk of money.

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    Going to give this a bump before I go to bed...

    going from a 2.4gig celeron with 512mg of Ram to a 3gig P4 with 1 gig of RAM (more if its on the cheap) will give you a nice little performance jump.

    But one thing I would say to all ebay up graders is don't get carried away with keeping your old setup. I was looking at socket A XP3000+s going for over £70! Why bother, why not just buy a whole new setup!

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    The RAM would have to wait a few months as I can't really afford to upgrade that yet.

    Would a Pentium 4 3.0ghz with 512 RAM be a big improvement on what I have already?

    i'd skip the processor upgrade and get more ram.

    I have a p4 socket 478 at home that i want to sell, been using it in a MSI mega and it was the fastest component by far. In great working condition - need to double check what speed it is though. Also have various DDR ram knocking about, havent checked the condition of the sticks but would be willing to sell them to you stupidly cheap.

    Its a 2.6 P4 that i have, will sell it for £20 and got some 1gig sticks of ram that i will sell for a fiver each, as i said, havent tested them and they are rather old.

    what type of Ram looking for DDR 3200
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