Socket 939 motherboard with built-in graphics

    As motherboard in my old computer died, I need to replace it now with something similar. Don't really want to throw away existing CPU (x2 3800+), so need a new mobo for it.

    It must be using nForce 4 MCP chipset (aka C51G, MCP430, 6150, 6100-430, etc). 2xIDE is preferrable but can live with 1xIDE. Don't care much about the rest.

    So far the only cheap mobo I've found is Asrock 939NF6G-VSTA for 40 quid. I am not a big Asus fan (Asrock owned by Asus) so I'd rather buy something else.

    Any ideas?


    Hey, I'm in the same boat. A bunch of sites have Asus / Asrock motherboards at around the £26 mark (ebuyer for example), slightly cheaper on ebay. Have you found anywhere / anything else?


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    No, it turned out that the motherboard was OK. It was my brand new shiny Corsair HX-520W PSU that refused to work with this mobo. So I went to Maplin and bought VCool 480W PSU and it works perfectly fine with this board.
    I found good selection of Skt939 boards at PC Upgrader but as I never bought anything from this company I can't tell you whether they any good.

    Cool, thanks very much, I'll take a look - cheers.
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