SOCOM: Confrontation - Whats it like ??

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Found 17th Apr 2009
Im looking at getting SOCOM: Confrontation and i have read a few reviews but i was just wondering what people on here thought is it worth getting the idea of online tactical shooter sounds really appealing.

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I played Socom 1, 2 and 3 on PS2 and 1 and 2 were the best shooters I ever played. Socom Confrontation has been really badly reviewed because of connection problems and lag but I played it at my mates and it was really good.
Nothing better than working together tactically in a team of 8.. Used to love clan matches. Apparently playing 16 v 16 or bigger matches gets a bit laggy.
You can pick the game up for only £15 at Hmv then just use any Bluetooth wireless headset with it.
Only bad thing is there is no single player campaign like there was on previous Socom games.

its good, but its a massive learning curve on it. really hard and take a lot of time to get into it.
but once you get going its good.

completely differnet game from COD and that sort of game, try and play it like that and you will get very frustrated.
best of learning in respawn rooms first.
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