Posted 13th Dec 2022
I drink a fair bit of fizzy mineral water. Don't have a car so lugging 2l bottles can be a bit of a pain. Is it worth buying a Soda Stream?

Currently this one:
Soda Stream Terra

Soda Stream Terra - is on offer in ASDA for £70 (black version) and £69 from Amazon (white version).

Anyone got one? How much does it roughly cost to fizz up some tap water and would you recommend?

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    Can't comment on the product itself, but buy directly from Soda Stream. They have a bundle for £10 more on the black version and comes with two bottles and tonnes of flavours…658
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    Definitely worth it, if the main reason is having a constant supply of sparkling water without lugging bottles all of the time. I have a couple of friends who have one as well, and we all agree that it's one of those cheap life improvements that's worth having.

    Neither of us likes the syrups though, I tried a couple and ended up throwing them away. The water is great though, don't get the point about it not being fizzy enough - you can choose how much fizziness you want, and I always drink it after making it (mostly before having dinner) so haven't noticed it losing fizz - I don't leave it the fridge etc.
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    had one around 4 years ago, it was a fad that quickly got old and end up being given away in the end. The fizz doesn't last long and doesn't taste better than the others. The gas bottle lasted a while though. Personally i would avoid (aside from maybe the novelty factor).
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    We looked into one and found it's the same sort of racket as you get with coffee pod machines. Cheap entry point with the machine and usually a bottle of syrup bundled in, like they do with the coffee machines and say a dozen capsules included. But after that, it felt that the price really didn't differ much from buying the proper drink and - if my FIL's SS machine was anything to go by - produced an inferior drink. And that's without replacing the gas every X drinks. It's probably cheaper if you buy syrups in bulk but I think you'd have to enjoy that style of drink - more reminiscent of a soda fountain at a pub or cinema - and be committed to a particular drink to get any true savings benefits from it.
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    I thought that the gas canister refils worked out quite expensive.

    There are lots of modification guides out there so you can adapt the machine to use a different, larger (and cheaper to fill) CO2 canister)
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    We found it doesn’t taste as nice as normal fizzy drinks and gave it away after a few months, just a novelty, but that was just our opinion, our friends love theirs
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    Own one and i would say it's ok.

    Use it from time to time, find some syrups are better than others. Got it on a black Friday deal last year for £34.99, would not advise paying much more for one.

    Canisters can be replaced at certain stores (halfords, currys, argos etc) but does come at a cost.

    As someone said earlier it's a novelty, can get the same taste from supermarket own brands if i'm being honest. It's currently sat in the home bar and used to make mixers for spirits.
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    I have had one for about ten years now. Got it for £15 in Tesco and it has certainly paid for itself. Managed to get a whole heap of the gas bottles reduced to clear in Dunelm for £5 too which helped. I like a lime and soda in the summer which it is great for. The Pepsi max syrup is very good. We use ours most days
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    Why not just order your fizz in bulk once in a while and get it delivered, you could make up the minimum spend with other bulky items and pick a cheap delivery slot.
    To be honest this is what I try and remember to do. My place is tiny so can’t store too many bottles :/
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    Can't believe they make them!
    Mate was always offering me them when I went to his
    Syrupy flat water
    Maybe your mate cheaped out on the CO2?
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    If you don't mind paying way over the odds for fizzy water, you get around 30 litres per gas bottle which costs £10 or more
    They state 60litres, but I get way more than that
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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and feedback
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