SodaStream Flavours Discontinued - Stock up whilst you still can!

Posted 22nd Mar 2022
Hi hotukdealers

This doesn't bother me personally as I only drink the Pepsi Max and 7UP Free SodaStream flavours, but anyone who is a fan of the following flavours you might want to stock up whilst you can. After a conversation with SodaStream customer service, I found out these flavours are being discontinued:

  • Lemonade Zeros (my local Currys have these for £2.79 each but only a few left, not every store will have these of course as it is just what's left)

  • Lemon & Lime

  • Classic Cola

  • Diet Cola

Again, the Pepsi Max, Pepsi, 7UP Free and 7UP are unaffected and will be available for the foreseeable future. This is because the Pepsi/7UP varieties are replacing the above

If you typically pay £3.99 per bottle of the discontinued flavours, you can still get the Pepsi/7UP flavours on offer sometimes. Shameless own deal plug here but they're currently on offer at Ryman

🫧 Have a bubbly day! 🫧
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