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Found 16th Feb 2010
Does anyone know if i can use a 800Mhz RAM instead of 533 which i removed from my laptop or does it need to be of same bus speed?


faster ram will just run at the max it can, so higher speed ram is perfectly fine, it just wont run at 800mhz, it will run fine at 533 though

im sure you can use diff bus speeds but i think im right in saying that the WHOLE ram you have will run at the lowest bus speed. eg, 3 sticks, 800mhz, 800mhz, 533, then they all run at 533.

sod who?

Will only allow it to run at max chipset/platform allows as others have said more than likely locked at 533mhz but should get a lower cas latency.

you should probably have a look in to what RAM your motherboard can support before buying new stuff to upgrade with to ensure it can support the newer, quicker stuff.

and obviously the previous posts about running 800 with 533 will run at 533 etc etc

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