help i need a new 2 seater sofa or small three piece suite or corner sofa thanks and happy new year to u all



    It's not going to buy it self with you being on here now is it.

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    ok i will go out of my nice warm house and stop drinking my irish baileys and go bown to dfs with lots of other people think not come on hot uk help me out :santa:

    Tesco direct


    have got some reasonable priced leather suites - but I have no idea of quality or delivery times
    also - land of leather and

    have web sites - what do you want - on line shopping - with Links to web-sites or someone to hit the shops for you?

    Or are you after a freebie? :roll:

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    online would be good i have about £500 to£750 maxx just need something small and tidy$PRICECUT/1/Trail/zone%3DpriceCutsZone.Price+Cuts.htm$PRICECUT/1/Trail/zone%3DpriceCutsZone.Price+Cuts%3EC%24cip%3D1500005806.Furniture%2Band%2Bfurnishings%3EC%24cip%3D1500005911.Sofas%2Band%2Bchairs%3EC%24cip%3D1500005913.Leather%2Bsofa%2Bsuites.htm

    I actually like the look of the one above :thumbsup:

    Ones below - not my cup of tea..but..…tml…tml…oup
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