Anyone know where to get a nice sofa at a reasonable price? Possibly a leather job though they might be a bit cold?


    Check out the posts about Tesco. Having a massive clearout. Good prices too!

    Leather is not cold. The cheapy plastic immitation things are that were around in the 80's were but leather is fine.
    I suppose it depends on how warm your house is as to the temperature of your sofa but I have just gone through Winter with a leather sofa and all was well!

    IMHO Ikea sofas are always really good value for money, and last very well too.

    i have a leather and no its not cold i would not go back to a fabric sofa,like already mentioned the sofas on tesco are a bargain,homebase also do nice cheap sofas

    Tescos have some good offers

    Leather not cold if you keep your kit on

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    I just found a power recliner for £1k in Furniture Village. Any tip on getting it cheaper?

    Also, any ideas on how durable and reliable these are?

    had 4 sofas from fv each one cracked or discoloured,they did replace each time but i dont think the quality or customer care is very good my sofa cost £1000 so not the dearest by far but certainly not a cheap sofa,i would check store reviews before parting with your hard earned money

    and 3 of them were different sofas so not just a problem with that range
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