Sofa Sofa

    I know this has been asked before, butI'm looking for some up to date opinions on this company after the completely shambolic way I have been treated by Argos.
    If anyone has bought either the Cardif or Rio sofa's from them I would be intereted in opinions on those too.
    Thanks in advance.


    I bought two-two seater leather sofas off them a few years back. Can't complain about the quality of them as they are still going strong. However the Customer Service has a lot to be desired as after ordering them the delivery date was changed three times and was only informed the afternoon before the delivery which was a pain. So apart from that I'd possibly use them again.

    These are cheap made in china ones like most of in UK, I will never again buy made in china furniture, I prefer to spend more for european furniture but quality is worth any price.

    Thought sofa sofa made their own sofas?
    ~Says hand made in the UK on their website. I have had sofas from them ans they are extrememly good quality and very hard wearing.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Always good to hear both the good and the bad.
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