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Posted 29th May
hi all,

looking to buy a corner sofa. Any suggestions where and which website should i be looking at?

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I believe DFS do have a corner sofa in the sale
Mendoza30/05/2020 00:06

I believe DFS do have a corner sofa in the sale

They have a sale on?
DFS own all of them atleast the big players and I won't be surprised if they supply next or was it m&s whichever that does sofas.
Doesn’t dfs always have a sale on? Are they good on price?
Ikea - when it reopens
Some place you don’t need too pay too far upfront incase they go bust ! Or even better they have in stock so better some small independents there’s one near me a pay after delivery !
Harveys have really nice ones but I noticed their sale rotates so for example I think 50% of their stock is on sale for X months then the other 50% goes on sale for X months so if you see one that is full price but you really want it just wait 'cause it will go on sale. I think I only waited a month for mine to go on sale.
You can also buy the parts individually so if you need it bigger or smaller from what is on their website/advertised - but you have to phone them and they manually order the parts. I also did this with mine because I didn't want the media tray and it was originally too big.
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I recommend M&S for sofas. Gave away 2 to British Heart Foundation last year , they were nearly 20 years old. The material had faded & fancied a change but structurally the sofas were perfect & material was in great condition apart from some fading. Yes M&S will more expensive but over 20 years it’s worth it.
Next or Dunelm.
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