Sofa,help with price and details??

Found 28th Aug 2007
I'm selling a lot of house furniture for my aunt on eBay, now she bought this from dubai for £3000 and paid £700 to get it here, first off is eBay the right place to sell this? is there any furniture auctions? (not antique) ,also have matching tables, its 5 months old, not a scratch or mark on it, anyway i need to know i few things about it, i don't know what style it is and what wood is used, i think you can tell from the pictures, also how much do you think its worth now, Any Help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

Large 3 Seater (can fit 4 easily)
Large 2 seater (can fit 3 easily)
Large 2 seater (can fit 3 easily)

its half leather half cloth, and comes with throw over cloth for each sofa, 7 large cushions, 6 small cushions, 6 tube cushions.

Pics are here,

heres the 3 seater…jpg

Heres the wood…jpg

Heres the two seater (theres an other identical one)…jpg


yeah try ebay, I would put a reserve on it as well mate just incase you dont get much intrested.

see how much the ebay fees will be for this item when you sell it because it could be a far bit

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Over £600.00

5.25%of the initial £29.99 (£1.57), plus 3.25% of the initial £30.00 - £599.99 (£18.53), plus 1.75% of the remaining closing value balance


i personally wouldnt sell something like that on ebay, you must surely have some auction house local, i think some will even come and look at your items and give you an estimate, if you dont want to do auction have you thought of advertising it local, as for an asking price i have no idea

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her house is in bracknell, any one know of a furniture auction house there?

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Also i need to sell a crystal chandelier, she bought for £700, a panasonic virea 42 inch tv, a 10 piece conservatory furniture set , kenwood kitchen appliances, and she needs to sell within 3 weeks.

how much for the TV, and any more details? I live in bagshot so not far away.

Used to live near Bracknell, Can't remember an auction house there though....

How about advertising locally?

oooo what an assortment of goodies

From what I remember there is an Auction house in Reading though you'd need a big van to cart the stuff there.

Are you sure you didnt stick on a balablava and raid some1s

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lol:giggle: , well i put the sofa on ebay its at £300 with 39 watchers and 6 days left and the tv is also on ebay at £250 with 35 watchers, but if i dont sell at a decent price i realy cant be bothered, truthfully how much should i be expecting for the sofa suite, this is the main bit on furniture and the most valuable, Item number: 250161055186 if you want to check it out.

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also she said she paid £100 to advertise her stuff in the local paper but her ad wasn't printed, i was going to take a little share of the money out, she said for your efforts, but shes expecting way to much for her stuff and i feel bad, i mean that tv costs her £4500 with a hdd dvd player she thinks it can sell for £2000, i havent told her it will go for about £500, was thinking about advertising in gumtree and londonsgraig list.

Is there any reason why it absolutely must be within 3 weeks? Flogging on here isn't too hard, and it's free. If she gets right upto her limit if you can arrange delivery, and are desperate I might be able to take a couple of items off you. (Personally I'd be hitting FS/T here first at full value then negotiating down.)

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shes moving next week and the items will be going in storage and its pretty pricey for the big container space.
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