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Found 24th Jan 2010
I have a 3 bed traditional style home, requires new gutterings and sofits...

I'm already sick of the rip-off sales people. Always chancing their arm with quotes of £1600-1800, then will happily come down to £1100-1200 to match others and to get the job. I'd sooner deal with someone who is straight up in the first place.

Any advice on what to watch out for when buying this sort of stuff? Is just covering over old wood the way to go?

Thanks for any advice on this.
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If you have fairly sound wood in place then most fitters will stick it on top.
My way of dealing with the companies is to ask for a quote but tell them that you under no circumstances sugn up for anything until you have all the quotes in. Do not tell them who else you are getting quotes from and explain you do not want any special offers, managers specials or charity deals, you just want their best price and you will not want any calls because you will only contact the person with the best quote.
I have done this with D\Glazing and I am sure this will work the same. If anyone starts the BS just ask them to leave.
I have had a number of the dodgy salepeople round with the "Can I call my manager to see if I can give you this extra special deal" line and I have told them to leave. The genuine ones will give you a price and pack up and go...
Thanks for that, good approach.
Any people in this line of work like to say what this is actually costing to do approx.?

Thanks for that, good approach.Any people in this line of work like to … Thanks for that, good approach.Any people in this line of work like to say what this is actually costing to do approx.?

It may help if you tell us if the house is Terraced / Detached or a Semi.??
Large-ish traditional 50's semi.
what areas are you in? as i could probably recommend a couple of guys/businesses.
ah no help then im afraid. i could possible try and get hold of the guy i helped in the summer see what he normally would charge to give you a rough estimate what they should be charging.
Go to a local UPVc Roofline supplier e.g. and they will be able to sugest someone for you, or go to your local B&Q / Tesco etc and look on their local services board
to add. i had several quotes this time last year from 3 suppliers. quotes ranged from 1100 - 2400. i had a bloke come round a literally measured up, sat down gave me the price & left. i liked his attitude & will call him back to supply & fit. he didnt give me any BS etc.

i live in a similar house & all depends on what u want. i got quotes for plain n simple black guttering with white soffits. he said he would remove the wood cos it was quite rotten. that was 1100. if i wanted the oak effect it would be 1700.

as mentioned some suppliers will just go over the top of the wood providing its decent.
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