soft mod wii chip?

    does anyone know where i can get a good soft mod wii chip from?
    i am a complete novice to all this so any advice would be much appreciated.
    how much would i be looking at and are they easy to fit ect ect.


    the softmod doesnt use a chip mate its a hack

    As has been said they are different things:
    Hard mod: Mod chip, a physical modification to the system
    Soft mod: Software modification, modifying the OS or firmware to do what it wasnt originally intended to do.

    Doing a soft mod is a real easy process, i have just done my Wii and its AWESOME.
    To do it you need:

    A Wii that ideally hasn't been updated (especially not to 4.0)
    A copy of Zelda: The Twilight Princess (You only need it for the first part of the hack, so if you dont have it, borrow or rent)
    An SD card
    a Network Connection wi-fi or wired (not necessary but it helps)

    search for " wii + twilight + mod " on here... ive started/participated in many threads about this when i was trying do mine...
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