soft modding my wii help please

    ok,i`m wanting to soft mod the wii i have a 2gb sd card the zelda game .ive read on here how to do it but im still confused is there someone that can help me maybe on msn ? i don`t have any other remotes apart from the normal wii remote can i still do this or do i need 1 of those other wii controlers ? thanks


    go here:…ads

    download both the .rar file and the pdf file. pdf is the instruction guide, .rar file needs extracting and sticking on the sd card. it can be done with the wiimote fine

    I used this one ]here

    That seems very longwinded. Softmii v2 incorporates all those features into one install. but either way, enjoy it, then sell Zelda for £25 and play your backup = profit :thumbsup:

    Take a look at Youtube,I found out everything I needed to know from there
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